The Elementary Express

The elementary express

These are five slow-paced most relaxing years

Of a little boy’s bright and early life

Where he was cultured through the presence of affection


He would not possess the bravery to

Be like the other kids

Holding the burning desire to show you everything

And when they say everything

They mean everything

And maybe he wasn’t certain on how to

Pluck at your knowledge

So he constantly asked the intense

One word question “Why”

Why are they holding hands?

Why is he eating his mouth?


He was smart

Maybe even smarter than the others


But surely, he doesn’t comprehend any of the answers

Not even the very, very, very simple versions

He gives his entire world

Only to grasp onto the bits and piece of the outlier city


Discoveries begin

The second grader selectively inspects a pencil

And he discovers the art of drawing

He adds more complexity

Coloring in all the minutiae

He keeps his drawings to himself

But deep down

He wishes to persistently

Poke your side

To grab your attention

And surround you with the question

Do you want to see a drawing of you?


The fear of you exploring his mind disrupts him

He does not like his blissful and cruel reality

Because when he dispenses all his little secrets

When feeling the maximum comfort with you

It’s in his nature

He’ll reveal the pressure he was born into

Either to be a fighter, a bully, or a psychotic

Perhaps even better, a scientist, a doctor or an engineer

Though even as a fourth grader

He’s afraid to share a memory with you.


As elementary went along

The way he expresses himself

The way he desires to show us the stars and sun from above

He craved our attention

His heart is a bottomless gallon of sweet milk

Waiting to fill the perfect tea cup

But shy does not thrive


He only waits for an inspiration of a creative mind

Where the environment is a fireball

A core of full meaning

Middle school

Not knowing that he will encounter that very person

A helping hand

An open ear

A giving tree

He was available

That was when he decides to open up

Hi! How are you!

Have a good day!

Social interaction began occurring


Until he met his future

The future

The present

High school

First year was pumped

Social and energetic

Wanting to be everybody’s companion

Yet his brain gears for the one person longs to embrace


And second year

It’s here

He began to open up his entire galaxy

Only to the one holding his meaningful memories

The person who took his Andromeda


Never had he been so lonely

All his life

He searched for his one and only

And only to find he may not have any friends

Maybe it’s just a matter of how true they’ve been

Because just like in elementary

He was willing to share his entire universe

To the person that no matter what he does

How much crap he puts them through

They will still always care about him

But he was in high school

The only time he ignited his wants

He craves a temporary


At the end of it all

His mind puts together puzzled memories

Where every single time he shares one

They seem to resemble a tidal wave

Washing on him

And he’d stay underneath

Drifting slowly


And after all the finger burning feed scrolling

Through falling in society

Or stories I will never write

He begins to go back to elementary

Holding back his doors

To release his mountain of thoughts

Because he begins to realize that

Even when nothing was done wrong

There is no more to love

No how was your day?

No calls ending late

And the touch begins to fade.


His true happiness will never be reached

And he will not get out of the elementary stage

Until you confirm with him

He will be asking

Do you love me?

Your answer should be

Of course I do.


He will be waiting.


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