Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 14:08 -- cwilson

Land of the Free

As a whole, we have never been free.

The only people who are free happen to be white.

Minorities have been treated like animals and unwanted vistors,

To a country they were born in.

Time and time again laws and rules are made to discriminate against the unwanted visitors 

By people who don't know or look like us.

These white people have told us who can vote, who can work, and who can own property.

Yet, this country is "The Land of the Free" ? 

Land of the Free

Who is free in this country?

Is it the African American who gets shot on the street; or

Is it the Native American who is consistinatly forced to compromise, even though their land is supposed to be a sovereign nation; or

Is it the LGBT community who get shot, harrassed, burned for just trying to live; or 

Is it Muslims who are unable to walk outside in traditional dress without being called a terroritst; or 

Is it an average white person who can kill, rob, and rape and always be alright just because of their skin color?

You tell me who exactly is free.

Home of the Brave

What's so brave about shooting up elementary schools, churchs, and LGBT night clubs?

What's so brave about cops killing unarmed, innocent black men who simply are just driving or walking down the street?

What's so brave about saying All Lives Matter and then not helping or welcoming refugees? 

What's so brave about raping women and then saying 'she asked for it'? 

What's so brave about imprisoning drug dealers for life and rarely imprisoning white rapist?

This is our home yet many are not brave.

Land of the free and home of the brave

Ironically, the free white americans are the ones who lack bravery.

Throughout time, they have had everything handed to them and don't need to be brave.

Those of us who fear being shot, raped, burned, and ridiculed are the brave ones.

Those who have had to fight for their equal rights are the brave ones.

Those who could be killed, discriminated against, and tormented all because of what they believe or look like are the brave ones.

This land of the free is not the home of the brave and we young people are responsible for fixing that. 


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