Her Fingertips


Her fingertips like magic,

Sending sparks through my body.

I close my eyes and imagine

my hair wrapped around her fingers,

her body pressed against mine,

our embrace unbreakable,

rendering us untouchable.

I find myself falling for her,

in a tunnel of warmth and light,

so much better than my dark hole.

Her fingertips like magic,

sending love through my body.

I open my heart to her.

I let out all my pain.

She pulls me to the light.

I will never let go of her,

with her in my heart

I'm never alone.

Her fingertips like magic,

sending lust through my body.

I dream about her at night,

her lips against mine,

our bodies entwined,

her hands pull my hair.

I'm lost and delirious,

A slave to my passion,

so raw and so beautiful.

She's the angel in my life,

with magic in her fingertips.



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