love is love, no matter how you put it.


It angers me. It really makes my skin crawl. How people think they have the right to deny other people to express their love. I heard a joke once. It goes like this. A man walks into a Subway and orders his favorite sandwich. the man behind him in gets offended and  says "You can't do that! That's not MY favorite sandwich!". Now pretend the sandwiches represent genders. Now you know I am talking about gay marriage. I can not comprehend how people can get so offended by it. HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOU? I don't care if your 2,000 year old bible tells you it's not right. OBVIOUSLY YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT GAY PEOPLE ARE HUMAN TOO! 2,000 years is a long time, and obviously society has changes as well. You need too look at the big picture. EVERYONE has wants, needs, hopes, dreams, and the ability to love. If you have ever been in love, and considered getting married, you have had experince with how strong those feelings are. What if you where told that you would never be allowed to marry the person you love because of some 2,000 year old belife system?   


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