She Cries(In His Eyes)

I dream of a beautiful woman I gave birth to years ago.
She longs to visit, longs to stay, but this can't be.
She gets pushed away.

She cries alone in a cage of bones.
She sings Her song when nobody's home.
Light on a leaf turned under the stone,
She cries alone when nobody's home.

It does no good to wonder why
tthere's more to meat than meets the eye

My character gets flatter with every burning page
Some truth we find, some truth we hide, but truth be told, 
It's getting old

She cries all night with eyes of fire .
She's got an axe to grind the pine.
She cries inside at night with someone else's eyes
She's got an itch to scratch Her hide.

It does no good to wonder why
there's more to meat than meets the eye...



hmmm critique?

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