The Walls That We Have Built


“High school will be the best years of your life,”

or so I've been told.

Good grades and a good looking boyfriend

Those are what really matter.

Now that is going to get you a future.


You built these walls.

From behind these walls, you are invincible.

Nobody can hurt you if they don't know you.

So when you go into those walls

You keep on building yours.


I'm the outcast here.

In my jeans and t-shirts, I look like everybody else

But I'm different and I don't know why

I'm often told I'm pretty and smart

So why am I ostracized?


I built these walls.

From behind them, I am invincible

And I will do as I please because you don't know me

All I have to do is everything they say

And soon nobody will be able to see inside.


But I have to admit, it gets lonely

Ruling your life from your fortress of stone.

I have been hiding myself behind these walls

For so long, I couldn't even see when I was alone.


I built my walls

Thinking that I could reach the sky

I didn't notice the arrows in my back

So I didn't notice you've abandoned your walls to pull me aside

You're not so blinded by ambition to not rescue me.


I did fine in high school

But they weren't the best years of my life.

I flunked my senior year,

Blinded by the pain you'll never know,

And I dumped that good looking boyfriend


Then I tore down those walls.

And I wandered aimlessly for all these years.

The pain has lessened with age.

And you were still there, waiting for me.

Girl, let's travel down the road

And see where the open plains take us now.


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