My Friend is a Rainbow

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 21:56 -- aliroxa

My friend is a rainbow

When the tears pour, he’s there

His presence is a promise for better times

He makes me glow

He listens to all of my fears

Being there…well it makes me feel fine.

My friend is a rainbow

However, he doesn’t see his beauty

Neither inside, nor out

“Oh, he’s such a cutie!”

If you say this to him, he’ll pout

And exclaim that we are all lying

For The Rainbow thinks that he’s pretty…ugly

None of us know why-

The Rainbow doesn’t see the way he shines bright in our eyes.

My friend is a rainbow

Almost everyone knows he is

Those who are unsure will sometimes approach me

“May I ask you a question? That is if you have some time.”

“Why yes, what’s the matter? What’s bothering your mind?”

“Well your friend- I was just wondering…does he like his own kind?”

To which I’ll chuckle and reply, “Why yes, my friend, he does like his own kind.”

For my friend is a rainbow

And he shines bright like the stars in the sky

However, not everyone appreciates all of the aspects of nature

Not everyone appreciates The Rainbow like I do.

My friend is a rainbow

He receives hate here and there

Especially from those you’d least expect.

Not everyone sees-

That when the tears pour, he is there

Not everyone sees-

That him being there…well, it makes me feel fine.

Despite this and all of those who hate to see The Rainbow shine bright

I’ll always be there for-

The Rainbow

And I will always love The Rainbow

For his presence is a promise for better times.


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