This Last Year by Amy (Theo) Poling

When people grow old

They can easily identify a period of their lives

Where growth came easy, where smiles were abundant

The defining year of their lives gave them so many lovely gifts.


For me, it’s easy

As young as I am

I can tell this year for me

Is two thousand and sixteen.


I am transgender

This year I began my journey

And started to transition to male

People call me the right names and pronouns.


I am a writer

This year I continued my journey

And published a book for the first time

My accomplishments hopefully can help me get to college.


I am an explorer

This year I drove to Massachusetts

And spent the summer at Harvard University

Taking classes and meeting people from all over the world.


I am an activist

I gave a TED talk on trans rights

I helped other trans teens start to transition

Through my help line blog that lets people reach out and learn.


This last year helped me define myself

This last year helped me develop as a human being

This last year helped me help as many people as I could

This last helped me know that there are so many opportunities ahead of me.

I am excited for them, for the growth yet to happen, and I embrace the next year with open arms.

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