You call me a queer and I hope you do, 

for I do differ from what’s normal to you. 

You call me queer and I hope you do,

because it’s true. 

You call me queer and I hope you do, because these words will never cease to spew -

from my mouth like pride in myself from my heart.

I am a work of art, an original piece by the mother cosmos. 

You try to make me feel ashamed for who I am, 

but I won’t cower in fear or shame, 

I won’t change for you and I won’t remain the same as you. 

I am queer and my body and my life are canvases for me to paint, 

pages for me to write, wars for me to fight, from every stretch mark and scar, 

to my long hair and the paint on my nails, 

I shall only grow queerer, I shall never conform!


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