She's an Altar


1.         Every time I find myself

            Between her legs,

                                    I am praying.


            Kneeling on carpet-burned joints.
            Pressing palms together with fingers reaching

            toward a place of doubt.

                        And forgive us our sins as we forgive those who
                        have sinned against us.


            Forgive me, for I crave her.


2.         Bow your head and stretch your palms outward,
            Ready for receiving or giving.

                        We meditate as remover of obstacles…


            I cannot remove her from my veins.


3.         Lay your weary body forward.


                        Make me among those you saved.

            I felt at home in a touch that was not for me.


4.         Deep breaths. Again.


                        Who bestows good things upon the unworthy,

                        and has bestowed upon me every goodness.


            I can hear my god all around me, opening my lips to declare

            a devotion of arched backs and rushing blood and wonder

            if she hears me – hands grasping, eyes closed.


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