make love to me

She’s my favorite of the five senses

Sight, smell, sound, taste, touch


Her face scrunched up

Grabbing at the pillows

Grabbing at my hair

Mouth ever so slightly open

What a sight


She’s sweating

Her legs shaking

The sweat mixing with the cum

What a smell


She tries to be quiet

She always has

She’s embarrassed by the involuntary noises

But they always conquer her

Whispered affirmations

Suppressed “fuck”s and “oh god”s

Moans escape her

What a sound


The taste of her skin

I’m kissing down her body

My lips touch every inch of skin

But I can’t describe the taste of her skin

Only more inexplicable is the taste of her cum

My tongue is tired but she pulls me closer

I would drown in this perfect taste 

Before I stopped prematurely

What a taste


Her body is pressed so close to mine

Not a piece of fabric between us

Her fingers brush against my nipple

Before they travel further down my body

There are no thoughts in my mind

No descriptors on my tongue

Just her fingers inside of me

What a touch


I see what people mean 

When they talk about sex

They want it

They miss it

3,000 miles from her I get it


Except I don’t get it

It’s not about the physical

Not entirely

Replace her in the equation

And it’s nothing


It feels good, sure

But it’s not about the feeling

Not entirely

I love her

She loves me


When I see her so turned on

So helpless and vulnerable

So in need of release

I see how beautiful she is


When I smell her so worked up

Such a pungent, unique smell of sex

I smell her pheromones

Biology telling us that we’re a match

I smell how good for me she is


When I hear sounds escape her

So involuntary, so vulnerable

So sweet, so true

I hear how much she trusts me


When I press my tongue in between her legs

I taste how vulnerable she is

The perfect taste, a taste only I’m privy to

I taste how much I love her


When I feel her body so close to mine

Her fingers wandering 

Wherever they please on my body

I feel how much I trust her


She’s my favorite of all the five senses

Because it feels good

Because I like making her feel good

Because nature gets us hot and bothered

But it’s more than that


She’s my favorite of all the five senses

Because those five senses

Allow me to express just how much I love her

Allow me to feel just how much she loves me


Growing up, I hated the phrasing

Making love

I still do

It’s awkward

It’s clunky

It’s what parents say

When they don’t want to say sex

But in those moments with her

I understand where it comes from


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im late to reading this but i am obsessed with your poems, they have amazing emotions and you have a way with words.

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