Breaking Out From Underneath

Sun, 11/16/2014 - 00:00 -- apetrig


Millions of days out of sight,

held down by clenched fists,

held down by disenchanted words,

held down by curses and slurs

for the ones I love.


Rise up from underneath,

no longer a "victim",

never was one,

will never let aggresors make me one.


Rise up like a girl made of steel,

unyielding and strong,

ready to take on those that wrong me,

ready to fight back expired atom bombs 

and stomp out half-lit bonfires

that were made for burning my bones.


I say one cannot burn when they spit fire!

One cannot be vanquished with flame

when one's soul has created light!

I am not a bundle of sticks to light,

though Joe Public calls me faggot.


I am the daughter that burns in the night!


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