Wed, 07/19/2017 - 10:15 -- dejahn

You want me to cry, to falter and give in.

You desire my weakness and lack of fortitude.

For prey that is weak, it is simple; for prey that is strong, it is adamant and callous.


A predator hunts its prey with any means in its disposal,

With the intent of stealing my heart of life.

But you forget the able energy I possess.


You use words - bullets - to fire me down,

violence and mind games to make me question my brio,

but I do not, cannot, give in, for that what you do not know is that I am a mountain.


You may try, but you will plunder.

For I am a mountain that will not be moved, I am a city of lights that ever-grows, I am the loving embrace that you never possessed, a movement that cannot be stopped.


Use your violence, your words, your ill-intended means, but it will not stop me.

My roots will hold me in place, my connections with reaffirm me, and most of all,

my willpower will keep me strong and tall.


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