I want to know you


I want to know you

Not in the, “yeah we’re friends she’s great” way

All of you


I want to know your favorite book and why

I want to know what makes you smile

And how you want to be asked to prom

I want to know where you want to go to college

And if you want kids


I want to know your favorite color

And ice cream

And do you like dogs or cats?

Or both?


I want to know what inspires you

And what makes you excited

I want to hold you while you come undone


I want to know why you dance

And how you look when you first wake up

Do you drink coffee or tea?

I bet it’s tea

And that just makes me like you more


I want to know if you like it when it rains

Or if you’ve ever gone skiing

And do you believe in God?


I want to know your deepest fears and secrets

And be there for you when it hurts


I want to be the person you call your best friend

And that you love

I want that


I want you


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