Burned Bridges

Sometime I forget that LGBT

Has a ‘B’ for me

I forget so I can distance myself

From the hate that flows

Not from others

But from inside

You preach acceptance

But banish those

Who want to help spread your message

You urge kindness for all

But reduce ‘all’ to your definition

We are fighting a war

Some will call it a silent war

But it is only silent

If we do not speak

And I am speaking

I am speaking to ask

Why you’d shun a fellow soldier

For any reason at all

You can tell me over and over

That they’ve never been oppressed

The thing is

They’ll tell you that themselves

They aren’t fighting for themselves

They’re fighting against the same things as you

Against those with skewed opinions

And primitive thought

And you want to judge them?

Lump all straight people together?

Mock the word ‘allies’?


I have only one thing to say to you

Wait till there’s troubled water

Under the bridges you’ve burned


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