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It's hate versus love everyday,
the slow decay
of the human race,
racing to save, the bit of humanity that's left,
right from the start
they said it was wrong
to be gay.

Against human nature,
thats a lie,
takes away the sanctity of marriage,
the opposite,
freedom rings,
but we can no longer hear it,
because of the hateful words
and we can no longer bear it,
America, home of the free,
unless you love someone,
but society doesn't see,
that this love is just like the rest,
this love can be even bigger,
cause it's constantly put to the test,
fighting against those who are against it,
building stronger every day,
how long until we realize,
that it's okay to be gay?


The Endertainer

I feel the same struggles and you used the rhyme to perfectly make the poem ring tlike the "sound of freedom"

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