for gabrielle

i've drawn one thousand girls and

they all look like you.

like maybe if 

it wasn't for the world they'd want 

to live.

like maybe if life

was worth living they'd

want to 



synonymous they blink

ensnare me

in their spell.

with eyes like the

deepest green of the

deepest well,

that change colors almost as much

as they change their minds.


if you haven't

seen it yet, 

all these girls

are you.

combined they all speak 

your name,

which feels like home on my lips

which ache to touch yours

like my heart after


from myself. 


i've seen one thousand deaths


i don't want to see you next.


if i could cure your

sickness with my kiss, 

be your vaccine

darling i would


with your gaze fixed on me

i find it hard

to believe that

anything as lovely

as you

could be this lovely

this near 

to me.


and when you're blue 

i wish that i could

hold away your pain

and make you free.



if you haven't heard it yet,

all these words

are for you.

combined they all spell 

you name, 

which feels like love on my lips, 

which ache to taste your


like air to a drowned man.


i've felt one thousand

shattered hearts

and they  all feel like this.


when you're hurt,

when you weep,

my ribs cry out for help.


but i know when you heal, 

my wounds will close up too

and i can be

with you































Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. 

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