The Earth-Queen's Epistle

When I'm lost to the earth

Let it swallow me whole
Let it pay all my tolls
May it feed on my worth.
When the moon offers me
Her last knowing glance,
Sink your feet in the sands –
Let her see what I see.
Set your body aground,
Dye my hair evergreen,
Curse my wrongs to the sea
Scrawl my rights under my gown.
Cradle me in your chest,
Serenade me to sleep;
I'll be reap'd by the sun,
Past the night that I'm bless'd.
It's with the least that I leave,
In memories conserved,
Yet so plenty of His nerve,
I, ungrateful as Eve.
Little more have I loved,
Than the yearning on my curves.
For towards lust we swerved,
Falling as tender as doves.
From my palace I bleed clay,
Thorns have wrapped my die-again,
You awoke at sunrise then 
– so now you do everyday.
Someday you'll know the sun
with four pairs of bright blue eyes,
As the sun shows, he too shall rise,
You will then be his to stun.
Yet the moon will forever watch,
Even while snowstorms fill the night.
And I, as passive as the air,
Will lay naked by your side.


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