"Yes, I Am Gay"

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 12:57 -- Sigo103

4 years agoI found something I didn’t know.It would change my life,Wasn’t sure it was right,Probably explains why I cried,Felt like I didn’t have a soul. It took seventeen yearsAnd seventeen years of fearBut in the mirror of my integrity,There were four words I had to say,“Yes, I am gay.” Down the road in one yearI still had fear.People looked at me with eyes of sin.And I had to think, is it worth it?Should I live a life that’s worthless? Time traveled on and I kept breathingNever knowing where I was going But then a light came out of darknessThere, my heartless cemetery began to grow life.Sparks of life that shined like the wings of a butterflyIgnited my heart with love and hope.For the lightning of a second, I felt accepted.Little did I know, it wouldn’t last.The fire of love fades too fast. Down the road of another year,I’m on the ground, wallered in this fearPeople still look at me with eyes of sinI had to think again, am I worthless?Is living even worth it? Right when I’m ready to fall in the fire,Someone pulls me back from behindPulls me into their loveNow I’m on my feet It feels like a dreamBut I’m on the groundMy love for him is bound.  Today, I smile when I say,“Yes, I am gay”I won’t give in to the people who look at me with eyes of sin.When I’ll stand strong and tallEven if I’m not loved by all,Just one man changed my heartThey can push, but I won’t budge,Finally, eight little words I can say out loud“Yes, I am gay and I am proud.” 

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