On the Trials of Partitioned Lovers


United States
43° 44' 3.444" N, 83° 24' 1.0944" W

If I were one for praying,
If I were to supplicate the gods,
I would ask them to deliver me to you
So that I may be humbled in the presence
Of a beauty akin to that of the divine.
You are the Beatrice to my Dante,
My inspiration as I descend the realms of Hell,
My guidance to the gates of Paradise.
I would battle my way through legions of armies
If it meant i'd feel your skin against mine
And your heart beating in time with my own.
I would conquer countries with my own two hands
If that would make them worthy of touching you.
And I vow, my love, that when the day comes
For us to be united as one,
No obstacle barricading my path -
No man, mileage, army, or country,
No devil, seraph, god, or beast -
Will have enough strength to reckon with my love
And keep me from holding you.


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