i can prove it

someone asked me the other day

when i told them i was gay

if i could really truly prove it

and i knew, that i could do it


i know from the way i describe the way her hips swing from side

and the way i gape, goggle-eyed

from wondering at her supple limbs

and wondering how they got so trim


from gazing in her soft warm eyes

it really makes me realize

how beautiful she really is

how sweet is this bliss


and i know, from the way she moves her form

my cheeks it does make warm

but i can't help but stare

as her limbs cuts through the air


the way she moves with grace and style 

it's something i haven't seen in a while

even down to her hand, i can't help but notice

how delicate she places them, like petals on a lotus


and blushing at her very glance

because her lovely eyes have me in a trance

and they way she laughs and smiles with glee

and me beaming back makes me see


that i know

because my face is all aglow

and heart is all a flutter

and my words come out as stutters


and she, with her understanding heart

lets me slow down just a part

so i can say that it's true

and that i love you

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