My Rainbow Bride



Red eyes of fury because the

world is against our love.

Won't let me marry my other

half only because she's... a she.

Not fair.

Orange and pink lights dance over

the clouds at the peak of sunset.

I love to dance with her too,

but her mom thinks it's wrong.

It's not.

Yellow moments of happiness

spead out over time.

She makes me feel alive,

especially in the summer.

I'm happy.

Green lights illuminate the streets

when we drive all over town.

She takes me with her everywhere,

even if it's just to the store.

She's fun.

Blue eyes stare at her as

she looks across the lake.

I see her differently than

she sees herself.

Just beautiful.

Indigo nights with bugs swarming

over any sign of light.

My love swarms to any sign of her.

Meeting her made me feel complete.

She knows.

Violet is her favorite color,

but she is mine.

Her hair, skin, and eyes are brown,

but I see her as a bright rainbow.

My bride.


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