Lost Boy


            He goes on through the motions

            All he's got to show are tears

            He'll be their perfect daughter

            He'll bury deep the fears

            Behind the smile's pain, behind the laughter a cry

            For help, is he really so alone?


            Cuts his hair, tapes his chest so maybe

            He'll feel whole again

            Grasping through the shadows for a sign

            A hand to hold, an answer to his pain

            Knowing they will never see

            The man he's meant to be


            Daughter, her and she

            Wondering who the hell is he meant to be

            Woman, female, never a son

            Never a brother

            Not outside his head


            They tell him that he's pretty

            That he's the girl they want

            But can't they see that their words

            Are a dull knife in his back?

            Can't they see the pain when they say the wrong name?

            When he's forced to play a part he was never meant to play?


            He'll wear the dress, he'll wear the smile

            And bite back the protests at his lips

            If he doesn't look down at his chest, at his hips

            He'll cope and he can pretend in the mirror he'll see

            The man he's meant to be




Wow. I didn't know what I was expecting but that was incredibly well written. Thank you for writing a poem from a perspective of a transgender person. I've never really thought of the hardships.

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