Love is such a Broad Term

Love is such a broad term


Heart ache

Heart break



So many of the people in this world are filled with love,

Yet the power of hate seems to pull ahead each time.

Good souls,

Dealt cards with targets on them.


I love you,

She says to her soul mate,

Yet she's bashed upon because of who she really loves.

I love you,

His mother says to him that morning,

That was the last time she saw him.

I love you,

He told her,

Yet she couldn't believe him because she never felt comfortable in the color of her own skin.

I love you,

She told her daughter,

But she never felt strong enough to be who she wanted.


How can I share my love with my friends and family securely,

When I worry more and more about whether or not they could be the next ones gone.


They say be happy we've gotten this far, stop talking about it,



When you can read about Martin Luther King Jr and see similarities in a letter from 1963,

You wonder why has this country started to repeat itself

"When you have seen hate filled policemen curse,

Kick and even kill your black brothers and sisters." He wrote.


You recognize the hypocrisy of the foundation on which we stand on.

The blatant lies,

"All men are created equal."

But they forgot to read the fine print,

Only if you are a cis heterosexual white male.


Yet still people question why our backs are breaking, they ask why we don't quiet down,

Even when we try and stand tall yet we have the weight of injustice pushing against us,

The chains of prejudice yanking us down,

And the smooth uncalloused hands shoving social normalities down our throats.


They say come on stand up and get what you've wanted,

Yet they stomped and broken the bones in our hands.

We cannot reach the empty promises that coincide with shattered spirits.


Heart attack

Heart beat

Flat line


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My community
My country


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