innocent little girl


innocent little girl

oh how your innocence has been taken

stolen from you like a thief in the night

a thief with so much power

a thief with so much aggression and anger

he was "cool"

a cool dad

he gave you vodka and cigarettes

sex and drugs

he took your innocence and dragged it thru the mud

but ignore that little girl

its ok. you'll be fine

you had to learn sometime

but i warn you now when you get older

it will come back to bite

every touch of man makes you feel

like your the lowest thing on the earth. 

filfthy little innocent girl

you fall for the words these men tell you

because daddy said to trust him

when he felt you

you fall for the lies and decepetion

deceit and obssesions

cause smoking and sexing seems cool

it shelters you from the reality of the cruel cruel world

lay on your back

take what is given

that is the lesson he taught you

what a "cool" dad

he taught you dont question the actions of a man

do as your told

and hang your head low

naive filthy innocent little girl

so you do as your told

you follow the rules of the game

then one day you wake up

the world is new

last night you fell in love

she had the same parts as you

it was a humbling experience

you've finally found your place

in the community

a new lesbian in the making

your happy

your soul is full

your finally satisified

satisfied naive filthy innocent little girl

she makes you happy

and she acceots you for you

you trust her

so anything she says you will do

youve found a new group of friends

ones that wont pressure you.

welcome to the world




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