an album of lovers

afraid but alive

pink bleeds into my 5:45 AM sky,

purple bruise on a shredded knee high,

black & blues are haunting you,

but this pain is the only thing that's keeping me alive. 

kiss me goodmorning & kiss me goodnight,

kiss this bliss goodbye on a park bench high at 3:45 AM.

kiss my neck good riddance, but reassure me that it'll be alright.

how I crave a black sky and an empty road despite my fearless chauffer on his creaky bicycle.

confident but empty

I wrote you a love song but it didn't last very long.

I bought you pretty perfume and touched you in every room

I still remember that song and sometimes I'll remember the lyrics and sing along.

I'm sorry it didn't last very long

real but wrong

your voice used to flow like smooth rivers over and intertwined with mine

like gravelly rocks,

eroded these rough edges of mine.

now, your voice is barely a whimper.

tell me, who dried out your mighty coursing river?

we lie tired pathologically obligatory in a desert so far from one another

you, mousey and weak to me.

sober of my love and ravenous schemes now.


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