Rapturous Misery

To fall in love.To give your heart away.To share your passionsWith another All of these things are fantasies.Fantasies that are rapturous cords.Linked around my heart.How I have dreamed of sharing the jewels of my heart.With someone like me.Going past the torturous aches of longing.And opening the floodgates of opportunity.No matter how painful.Misery is the legacy of those who are afraid to act on the impulses of the heart.Misery can be painful and rapturous at the same timeTo be in love with someone from a distance.When that someone may not love you back.Having feelings that make you a new creature.Having a friend who listens well.Who is selflessCharming.HonestAttractive.Faithful to all their friendsHow can you not fall in love with someone like that?How can you not be enthralled with rapturous misery?


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