They say that its wrong
To love another woman
To kiss her
To hold her as if i were a man
They say that's its wrong
To call myself "gay"
To dress like a boy
To prefer hats and haircuts
Over dresses and curling irons
They say its wrong
To defy "nature"
That i was "built" to bear child
The only thing i was built for
Was to breathe
Was to be alive and happy
I say its wrong
To call people like me
"freaks" "pervs" "confused"
To beat us with fists of fury
And deafen us with a flaming tongue
I say it's wrong
That i can't love who i want
Without being judged
Without feeling rejected
Without worrying Im going to be killed one day
Because people cant except
Who i am
I say its wrong
That people would rather
Mock and torture the lgbt kind
Than do something about
The guns , the rascism, the corrupt government
I say its wrong
To follow a judgmental crowd
And say its wrong to love the same sex
And not have a good reason why
Maybe you don't care what i think
And just know
That when Im holding her close
Im not giving a damn either




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