Welcome to Our Society


Welcome to our society where people will judge you on the smallest things and not care. 
Welcome to our society where gay people aren't allowed to marry and weed is illegal yet people still smoke it. 
Welcome to our society where our president is both black and white, yet people are so focused on the fact that he looks black. 
Welcome to our society where you are judged even if you're a virgin, but "hoes" are accepted as long as they give it up. 
Welcome to our society where, if you're a little overweight or a little underweight, you're bullied because you're fat or anorexic. 
Welcome to our society where it's a felony if the people lie to the government, but it's politics if they lie to the people. 
Welcome to our judgemental, non-equal, racist, dishonest society. 
Enjoy your stay, loves. 

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