The Shredded Tapestry You Left Me With

We wove a tapestry together and I thought it was beautiful

We were in the center and we were holding hands and all was good.

It wasn’t until after you left that I realised that

Although we were the center of the tapestry,

The background was filled with all the monsters that i thought were normal.

I assumed everybody had them,

And that as long as we were the center of the tapestry,

The wolves could never get us.

I never noticed that each day the tapestry changed

And we got closer to the inevitable slaughter at the end

Where the wolves would catch up and destroy what I thought was beautiful.


Contrasting colors can be beautiful,

But if they contrast in the wrong way they serve as a sore sight to the true artist’s eye

But i was never a true artist

You were.

You knew that your shade of orange was far to vibrant

And I always wished I could match you

But my shade of blue couldnt compare

You stood out in the tapestry

And i realise now

That i blended in with the monsters that you formed in your head

It wasn't until I met the clouds that I reasised how beautiful my shade of blue looks with light wispy clouds.

My colors are beautiful in the new tapestry that you no longer get to help build.


When the wolves finally caught up you ran from the tapestry

So you wouldn’t get caught too

You left me when you said that you loved me

But when I looked at all of the shredded thread sprawled across the floor

And i wanted to start to weave it back together

But i kept stabbing my fingers with the needles

You were no longer there as my thimble to block the sharp pricks

So my fingers bleed on the tapestry as i try to figure out what goes where

But I could no longer tell what pieces were mine and what pieces were your demons

But for some reason i wanted it all back together because it's what seemed normal


I never realised how my shade of blue matches the ocean, and the clouds

I never realised that the clouds didnt make my blue look worse,

But instead helped my blue look whole

And like it belonged to something

And my blue no longer blended in with the skeletons you kept in your dark closet

I never realised that my tapestry didn’t need your orange

And although a sunset has orange in it, my sun doesn't have to set just because you left.

So now I weave the clouds.

I no longer weave the bright orange shirt you wore,

And even though i want to,

I don't change my shade of blue.

Because there are so many shades of blue in this world

And my shade of blue looks better with her clouds,

And between her and I’s blue and white we can build the ocean together.

And she understands why I don't like sunsets,

And she sends me pictures of the pink sunsets because they don't have your orange

And it helps me know that there is still beauty without you in my tapestry.

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