America the Beautiful

O beautiful for spacious skies

that covers the rich in a shining light and the poor with specks of hope.

For amber waves of grain being picked by the immigrants,

only having pennies to live on because they couldn't afford a middle school education while the whites cry

"they're stealing our jobs!"

Why would God ever shed his grace on people that worship the green in their hands but never the green beneth their feet?

And crown thy good with the brotherhood

of badges and guns with the law on their side

shooting black children dead because they seemed agressive but knowing that their side of the story will never be spoken

O beautiful for pilgrim feet 

whose mind bent on freedom and the right not to be judged for who they were and what they believed in

massacred entire races for land and imprisoned another because their dark skin betrayed their idea of a perfect nation

Thine alabaster cities gleam 

Undimmed by Syrian parents tears because they saw their child was killed on their way to school

or the tears of children in orphanages and abusive fostercare because God forbid they cant be taken care of parents of the same sex

Men lavished precious life! 

America! America! 

Till nobler men keep once again 

Thy whiter jubilee! 

From sea to shining sea.

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