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Sat, 09/23/2017 - 15:36 -- liduval

for Sofia


Last night you came over

Slept over

On a school night

The next morning

We walked in hand in hand

And I got looks from my friends

Because they think they know where that went

Relationships are for sex

Says my friend who can’t decide between

The boy that texts her back

And the one that treats her right

When really one is a sadist

A fat-shaming misogynist

And the other one’s off in Germany

With his blue-eyed brunette side chick

I don’t get it

We sit at home on the couch

And laughter falls out of our mouths

Or tears from our eyes

Because we trust each other

And don’t tell each other lies

Because I love you



Last night I came over

Happy birthday, baby girl

There is more cheesecake here than I thought was possible

And I’ll have a slice because it’s for you

I’ve always hated cheesecake

It reminds me of biting into a wet sponge

And you keep telling me that I don’t have to take any

Even if I do just want to be polite

It’s your favorite

And it’s been a while

I’ve heard taste buds change every three years

So why not

I still hate it

But I like laughing

As you kiss the maraschino cherry syrup off of my chin

And I like being there to hold you in the green gas light

Because you deserve the respect

That people give each other when they aren’t related

So I will stand up for you or at least hold your hand

Because I love you


Last night you came over

Did your homework with your head on my thigh

Like a pillow

I played with your hair and scrolled through Instagram

Not caring about the ambient silence

Just being next to you

Getting things done

It’s more than enough for me

I like to spend time with you

We sat on my bed and ate ice cream

Watched chef Amanda and chef Alex

That’s you and that’s me

And poked needles into our skin

My tattoo says GRL PWR

It was a trend but I agreed

You made sure I was safe with new India ink

And you drew the letters on my ankle

I don’t think we’ll ever break up

But if we do

I wouldn’t regret your handwriting gracing my skin

Because I love you


Last night I came over

And we pondered about our fathers

How our mothers ever chose them

When yours sent her screamers during pregnancy

And mine talks to me like a friend from work

And we pondered about our friends

How hopeless they are in love

When some choose boys that care about their bodies

And some choose girls that care about their money

Why would anyone be the partner

Of someone who didn’t make them laugh

Who they couldn’t talk to

Who they weren’t a team with

Who they didn’t trust and couldn’t be themselves around

Rachel says that we’re so cute

Francie comments “goals tho”

Anthony tells us that we’re so sweet

Nancy gags when I kiss your nose

Alex thinks we’ll be together forever

Kate asks how we’re doing

And I say amazing

Because I love you

This poem is about: 
My family


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