Lend Me Your Ear


Lend me your ear my friend

And hear of a wonderous place

Where people are happy

And no one is hurt


There is no pain in this world

Only happiness and love

All love is equal and free

Like love between you and me


A man may lay next to another man

And he shall never be stoned

For love was made for all to share

And all deserve to have it


Denying a person love

Is like denying a fish water

It is something people need

And can't live without


Tell me what difference it makes

If I marry another woman

Or my brother marries another man

What difference does it make


That world does not exist

Because people do not allow it

And equal love does not exist

Because people hate it


Help me to make that world come true

That you may love me, and I may love you

Make love equal for all who live

And free people from living a curse


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