Closet Thoughts

Where you supposed to go when your home aint even home

happiness is in the gutters

have to close up all those shutters

see these people here dont love us 

so all we got is each other 

in a world where i cant love HER

so we stay undercover

but why 

why should i cry

tell all of these lies and in the end pretend that im just fine

its crazy

and lately i been thinking that this all ties up with slavery

cause society has a vacancy of HUMANITY and EQUALITY


we all live off other people opinons

they minipulate our decisions

we talk and they dont LISTEN

with ignorant parents and siblings 

you feel like your the devils minon

cooking hell up in the kitchen

cause you happen to be DIFFERENT

from the norms definition of NORMAL children

well TRUTH is its noones business

preacher gives you his blessings

parents beating are said

are said to teach YOU a LESSON

society hammers you with obligations and questions

say you wont go to heaven

well judging is a sin

ending in noone progressing




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