The Politics on Politics


We as a nation fail to realize what's what when it comes to politics. When something goes wrong we're quick to blame our president. If someone kills someone pf a different race, they're racist or a terrorist. Black people are on wellfare, in jail, not educated and it seems only gays are being liberated.
But what we fail to see are the trutjs to these situations. The stereotypes that fill the pages of our minds with with such terror. Vivid depictions of our world. The very things we believe in are merely based off our perceptions. Amd yet we look at it and feel everyone else is wrong.
The lack of understanding has caused rifts in this society. Being that we are so quick o judge and yet live our lives how we consider, immoraly.
The politics of politics is a simple concept. If only we as a nation learn to simply accept the things wr cannot change instead of finding someone to blame. Try to help our leaders, educate ourselves, work towards a better humanity overall then it wouldn't matter why his pants are sagging, why two men are getting married, why weed is legal pr even why guilty people run free. Because we're all locked up in tjis state of mind. And the only way to open up is to find the key which is burried underneath hate and confusion.


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