Social Movement Poem For Gay Marriage


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This poem IS Gay
And not just in a childish and perjorative way
Cuz in a world where life is counted by the days
Who's willing to spend one standing up for what America - portrays
Freedom. Freedom to love, and love the love that stays
To honor with the proper title what such love conveys
Cuz she didn't ask to "Civil Union" her; She asked her to 'Marry' her
Because that kind of love isn't just a short-lived craze
And at a time when divorce rate among youth is over - half
Who's to say?
When all the lines are gray anyways
What kind of love is appropriate, natural, traditional, or fictional?
Especially when marriage seems like it's already in...disarray
- Cuz I say the only 'indecent public display'
Is mandating a ban on love when it's fueled by hate
A visit to "Society The Psychologist"aside, this crime surely won't pay
What reel from history do you need to see that we're just in a phase?
They lie and wait for the next 'brick of liberty' that this country lays
While he prays for the day when they can stay together till their chest hair simultaneously grays
It's all up to see whether congress "Okays"
Maybe we can soon look back and laugh as "Here Comes the Other Bride Plays"
Cuz we need the proper law to keep ignorance in check and evil forces at...bay.

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