A Poem For Orlando

Orlando. <br/>Another name now shorthand for tragedy.<br/>Another line drawn in time, <br/>A before and after, <br/>Things will never be the same.<br/>Another mass shooting. <br/>This keeps happening.<p>Hate Crime.<br/>Noun.<br/>A crime motivated by prejudice, <br/>typically one involving violence.<br/>That’s what this was.<br/>Remember this despite the media trying to ignore it.<br/>These keep happening.<p>Safe space.<br/>What Pulse was and will be again.<br/>Places where trans people can be who they are.<br/>Places where lgb+ people can love freely.<br/>Places the gunman tried to scare us away from.<br/>We can’t let that happen.<p>Freedom.<br/> What is used to justify the need to own a military grade weapon. <br/>Which leads to senseless acts of violence every single day.<br/>Which haven’t ended because the cries of freedom ring louder than those of the grieving. <br/>We have to stop this happening.     

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Our world
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