They'd Rather I Die

My father would rather me be with a man

Who sinks his teeth into my skin

Like a hungry pig

Than for me to be in love with a woman 

Who glides her fingers down my spine

Like I am artwork


He'd rather me find strength in the endurance 

Of greedy hands and shallow lust

That will consume me

Than to find strength in the painful endurance

Of their judgemental glances

What is it they'll think?


The man who raised me would rather me be crushed

By the hands of an abuser

As long as he's male

Than to see how the eyes of God turn from me 

When the homophobic poison

Destroy and mock me


I have no regaurd for what he wants for me

My desire to love her is...

Too overwhelming

The comfort I find in her smile will live

Even when others try to kill it

I'll love her always



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