an open letter to the assholes, you know who you are

to the girl who clutches attention

like a boa constrictor claims its next meal

you do not get to tell me how to feel

you do not get to tell me I am not valid

because not everyone is the same as you

not everyone is as comfortable as you

not everyone gets to talk as freely as you

not everyone gets to be as raw as you

just because I am not you

it does not mean you get to invalidate me


to the boy who needed to protect his reputation

like a dragon hoards its gold

it took a while for me to realize this one

but the way you misled me, it was certainly tricky

you told me yes, but then had an excuse

I thought it was fine at first, an honest mistake

but you told me not to talk to your friends about it?

I guess you just didn't want to be seen with me

I get it, it’s okay, I don't like me either

I guess you probably didn’t realize how much it hurt

maybe next time just be honest

I’d rather rip off a bandaid and be hurt for a little bit

than soak the bandaid and get an infection


to all the people who are afraid of change 

so much that they would rather live in black and white

than even see the other shades, let alone the colors

do you realize that your jokes are cruel?

do you realize that I know the teachings?

you don't need to lecture us

we already know we aren't actually welcome

even though we could be the ones lecturing you

hate the sin love the sinner, right?

but no. you'd rather hate it all than show love


I guess that's the one similarity between you all

you'd rather spread hate than love

after all, that is what makes you the assholes

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