Personal Truths


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We all attempt to know ourselves.

As people, we are born and the process begins.

Exploration of body and mind,

Blinking eyes and wiggling fingers and toes,

We search for answers.

We look inside of ourselves and unveil personal truths.

This journey is one we all face,

So why is it that one person's discoveries are looked down upon by others?

If we are all in pursuit of who we truly are,

Why is there so much judgement?

Of course, everyone's findings are unique, 

But none should be condemned.

Acceptance and exploration are difficult enough on their own

But when condemnation, hate, and bigotry are thrown in

The path can seem impossible.

This need that some display to discourage others from being who they are

Is strange and must end.

If we are all in search of our own personal truths,

We must understand that each finding is an accomplishment, not a sin.

Every piece of this puzzle within found is a victory and a relief, not a choice or a need to stand out.

We all should spend more time helping others in their search,

Rather than making them hate what they find.

No "moral" or belief should tell others they are less and that who they are is not "right",

Not desirable or respectable or acceptable.

We are ALL in search of who and what we are,

From day one till the end.

We divulge the fractions of ourselves to create a whole.

We look who we are in the face and must decide to accept it.

Others can either foster that acceptance or hinder it.

Foster acceptance in others.

We all suffer on this journey.

We all search.

We should all start attempting to help and accept from the beginning.




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