What Should I Call You?


He wakes up and rolls over

Sees the love of his life

And he loves him just the same

As a husband loves his wife.

Been together for ten years

Yet no ring on his finger

Because America the Brave

Has homophobic fear that lingers.

Met when they were eighteen

So young and so alive

But now without equality

They spend nights awake, crying.

"Let's run away", he says

"To a place where we can be

And have no one discriminate

On you or on me."

He shakes his head no

Because to him, it isn't fair

To have to run away to prove

Something to people that don't care.

"Our love is just the same,"

He says with tears in his eyes

"I love you and treat you

Like you are the ultimate prize.

These people are so afraid

Of something they don't understand

What damage will be done

If I put a ring on your hand?"

Will the world rise to flames

And ashes all around?

Will the cities, towns and buildings

Come crashing to the ground?"

Their love is their own

Not yours or mine to question

Who cares where they marry

And build their family nest in?

But we fight and we argue

Against a thing that's totally right

And just and true and maybe

One day we'll see the light.

To that man who's trapped

In this neverending maze

I'm sorry for your troubles

And I'm sorry for the games.

Our country doesn't understand

So we have to let them know

That they hold no right to stand

Up against us and say no.

To that man who wants to marry

The eternal love of his life

You should all feel his sorrow

His pain and his strife.

Because every morning he'll wake up

And roll over to see

A man that's not his husband

And might not ever be.



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