Be a Rainbow, Full of Colors


Ashburn, Virginia
United States

How many nights will I spend here


With tears running down my cheeks

Facing a darkness that surrounds the light in my heart

Waiting to be free.


For how long will I continue to hide my emotions

Pretending that everything is perfect 

Sliently screaming that it's not.

Hoping someone passes by and smiles

To make judgement day a little easier.


How long will my eyes wander

Toward the wrong interests

Finding desire in those targets

Only to pivot away in discomfort

Because the word "NO" is what lingered in the air


How many lies will I make

Until I believe that one of them is true

Because the truth is attempting to cross every line

Break every wall

That has been built so carefully around me


How long will it take for me to be true?

Embracing all my colors

Abandoning the traces of gray that follow me

To find the courage to love on my own

Without a printed guide at hand to advise me


When will my heart be released,

From a prison that enforces conformity,

Assigned with wardens that will fight strongly

For the unjust side

Not realizing

That a new side is winning this war.


Today is when I walk out

Unashamed and unafraid of the idle stares

Being happy with the hand that holds mine

And seeing the sun grasp my many shades

Transforming them 

In hopes of spreading a different message,

"Come out, my dear,

For the rain has stopped."

This poem is about: 
Our world


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