Let Me Be

Do not judge me.

Do not judge me by my skin.

Do not judge me by my eyes.

For I let those words sink in, 

those painful lies.


Do not judge me by my clothes.

Do not judge me by my ability.

For I am not to be associated with what they impose,

I am not who I want to be.


Do not make me insecure.

Do not make me feel unsafe.

For I know there is a cure,

I know you want a better place.


But there is a solution, friend.

One that is infinite,

one that is without an end.


Yes, this world may be broken.

But that is no reason to hurt,

to hurt what has been open.


The answer is truth, there.

The answer is truth, here.

It is to surround us, it is only fair.


Be I Black,

I am no knack.

Do not whack 

me for that.


Be I White,

so I'm never right 

please believe that I have sight

to let the bygones be bygones.


Be I Islamic,

I am no comic.

For it is chornic,

that I, too, will be equal.


Be I Asian,

so I'm full of sinister men.

That is untrue, friend.

I yearn for peace as well.


Be I Native American,

I am no drugee, I know I can

succeed as a normal American

as I search for my tribe.


Be I Gay,

for there is an outlay

against many who they

deem 'unholy'.


Be I Religious,

I, too, want justice.

Not the unrighteous 

that today serves.


Be I Transgender,

for I just want to enter

this life of an experimentor

with happiness.


Be I Atheist,

for it just

takes more than pages

to convince me.


I do not wish offense,

I wish to be tranquil.

This mental fence

separates the still.


So this everlasting answer, my friend,

that has no end,

is acceptance, the key,

that lets me be free.



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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