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Words, they have many powers,
We ignore their strength.
They keep us safe in our towers,
But yet, they can destroy as well.
All in the verbiage of those that use them
For good or ill we see their consequences.
We look in the news and it seems that every other day
We have a new soul to add to the roster
Tyler, Matthew, Lawrence, we see their names
Do they mean anything in all reality?
Why do they matter in a world where people die every day?
I’ll tell you why.
It is because they are forgotten
Sure the government puts their names on legislation
Aimed at reducing the problem
But it does nothing; it is just smoke and mirrors.
Still people are hated because of who they are
The vitriolic words spew forth, burning all that hears them
But! There is hope! We as the people must stand up and speak
We must use our words! Make sure that they are not forgotten.
We, the people of America must stand up and fight again for our freedoms
It is time for us to realize we are all sitting in the wrong section of the bus
It is time to realize that we are being asked to move to the back
We are being marginalized again, and this time I will not just move
I will fight this “movement” with all of my strength
I will change opinions
I will change the world
Perhaps I personally will lose the battle
That does not matter, I will be a visionary
I will be the Princip to the world’s Ferdinand
I will help to light this powder keg
I will change at least one mind
I will urge you all to do the same
When we come together nothing can stop us
We are unbreakable, we are many, we are legion!
We are the people of the United States!
A nation founded on the ideal that people are equal and the same
It has taken time to get to the point we are now
I realize it will take longer to get what I want
But I am content to wait for that moment
I am not however content to let the chance pass by
Carpe diem bitches, its time, are you willing to spare the rod, and spoil the child?
Or are you willing to get off your ass and be part of something bigger?
My movement, the same as a million others, will leave you behind
Are you with us? Against us? Or just plain afraid to take a stance?
The choice is fast approaching, choose what you believe in
We do not want to crush you, like you have crushed us
We simply want to be recognized and liberated from our chains of oppression
We want to taste the freedom that is tantalizingly close
Let your people go, and see how much the world changes, for the better



Just so you all know, it would be better to say this poem out loud. It doesn't flow as well just being read, it needs to be spoken and spoken with feeling and inflection. Not only that but because of the slam's rules, I need to say I did post this on my Tumblr, I did not plagiarize it.

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