Remember Me. (Come Back To Me.)


United States

I cannot write if it's not about you.

I cannot think of anything but you.

I cannot sleep without dreaming of you.

I miss you.


The black void

yawns before me.

I go to it, arms open

as if for a warm embrace.

I left and you left

and now I am nothing.

You are no longer my home

so I've made a new one

from the darkness in my head.


You tookandtookandtook

and I gaveandgaveandgave.

You took every good piece of me.


I hope you're happier now.

I hope I helped

in some small way.

I hope every time you smile

that smile that used to be

just for me

you remember me.

Every time you're touched

and come alive

instead of drawing back

you remember me.


Maybe each time

you remember me

a piece of me will return,

a light in the dark,

vivid color,

a puzzle coming together.


Remember me.


Give me back to myself.


I loved you.

I hate you.

I love you.

I miss you.


Come back to me.

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