Sure ain't that to me

Sat, 11/25/2017 - 17:38 -- Kai2k17

Why don't they just shut up?

They don't know a single thing.

They have no clue they are my problem.

I want to stay away from every single one of them.

I don't care if they are "family"

They sure ain't that to me.

She never loved me like a mother should.

He never could replace a fathers shoes.

His children always annoy me

In such ways i wish i wasn't their kin.

I sometimes wish they weren't born to begin with.

My real father was, according to mom, an alcoholic who never cared.

I grew up all alone in the dark, no one was there.

She tries to care

i think its too late for that.

why wasn't she by my side when i was sad?

Why didn't she see the pain within me when i cried?

Why only try to understand now when i tried to die?

Why try to be in my life now when i've done great on my own so far?

Why say she cares when she sees me as a problem with scars?

She never has truly supported me

Okay, so I'm an atheist,

So I'm a lesbian,

and yeah my gender is mixed

No, she can't get me "fixed"

i thought she said id be loved no matter what,

but i'm treated the total opposite of that.

I'll close my door shut,

turn my music up,

block their lives away from mine,

i want nothing to do with them.

There is so much i wish to forget.

I don't care if they are "family"

They sure ain't that to me.

This poem is about: 
My family


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