Same Difference

The thought of it,

turns some stomachs,

and makes them scoff.


Say we're just confused,

that it's just a "phase",

or that we're a sin.


Sometimes saying it out-loud,

makes someone cringe,

or look down at their feet.


An awful guilt...

that we feel for ourselves.

Are we really that different?


Blood runs through our veins,

thoughts scatter through our minds,

our hearts ache with every hit that we take.

Don't you do the same?


Same Difference.


Some hide under a mask,

a cover,

a camouflage.


Some have accepted it,

flaunt it,

own it.


It is different for everyone,

how they take it,

how they.....

want to take it.


The judgment hurts,

slides up and down our throats like blades,

and causes tears.


The acceptance is welcomed,


hoped for. 


Because underneath it all,

it is the,

same difference....


That might worry us.





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