The Way

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my fingers fit consummately in between his and when i rest my head on his chest it rises and falls in a perfect rhythm i feel closer to him then i have ever felt to anyone else and oh the things his mouth and hands create they remind me of what it feels like to be wanted to feel desired to be understood to feel known to be loved to feel loved and you say that you believe in a perfect love but that ours is not valid you say that i carry a heavy cross but i am free when i am with him you say that i have a conflicted mind but you are the one spewing hate and contradictions you condemn me to hell but you have already brought me there you are my tormenter you have killed me his hands his mouth his mind his heart his messy hair his cock have brought me back this is a sin that i will never ask your pardon for you will never understand the pain you have caused you will never see that your words are not constructive they will soon fall only on dead ears you will never experience love you will never give love because yours is a heart of hate my love is real and no scripture no moral stance will get rid of it my heart beats blood runs through my veins i am human i am life i am love i am the way i am god.


Shambrica Walker

<3 This , Its Beautiful


This is so pure and real...It'd be cool to see a vid of you reading it, awesome job!

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