Love is meant to be unconditional

Never accompanied by thorns in a mothers embrace

Never parred with flames in a fathers voice

And never matched with a vengeance in the creator's mind

Unconditional Love

Is a bond between two connected hearts

Unaltered by difference or conflict


But it is never that easy

There comes a time in every queer’s life

Where life feels like a lie

When love is challenged unconditionally



A virus, a bug, eating away at homes

Bringing religions to their knees

And pulling bullets to the brain


Hate hurts girls for admiring one another

Hate forces fathers hands to toss out their trans sons

Hate consumes preachers’ mouths and minds with hellfire

Hate makes you ask:

“Is this love, Unconditional?”


So if I tell my mother about the girl with the sunshine smile

Will she embrace me with indifference?

Or will she stab me with swords of screams?

If my father finds me with the freckled face masterpiece,

Will he help me to hold her, or

Will he harm me with ‘convertion’?


If I take my girlfriend to church,

Will we be welcomed with the sweet songs of ‘Love thy Neighbor’

Or met with the urine yellow signs

Proclaiming that Gods hate is a favor


Has my bond with them been broken?

Did the worm squirm into their minds,

Poisoned admirers, unshackled from a shattered chain?

Was their love unconditional,

Or was it just a game?



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