It Will Make No Difference!

Standing in front of the "holy" firing squad.
Last wish on a pink triangle pinned on my shirt.
Boss gives the countdown.
Eyes closed and no regrets for how I've been living.
Someone screams and I feel pelted by loose words and steaming hypocrisies.
Verse after verse after verse of past storytelling,
religiousized into acceptance by the  faithful.  I realize that within me, there is no wrong.
No evil, no disease, no incurable condition.
While I may suffer inquisitions on my skin,
my soul becomes free and the fetters release.
A blind-fold blows off, hard glaring blue truth stares at me.
I can't turn my back, how can I?, when I know that this is truly me! Leviticus, Deuteronomy, quote against me,
while you throw the stone first and live in hypocrisy?
Quote the letters of "WWJD?", but you fail to see the light that if He is real,
He too must love me!
You use dead laws to fight your dead causes;
wars against gender, religion, sexual orientation,
and the pigment of your brother's skin! Wake up and realize that your help just hurts,
even when your best intentions are just false-starts in the race of life!
Come on man, don't you see that you cause me to turn away and fly into Othello,
your golden gods cause nothing but but Tempests and isolation? When will you realize that there is nothing wrong with me or my lover?
You'll keep throwing these lines at me,
hoping that I'll lose the will to fight and submit to the game over.
You severely overestimate the minority's rise to the vocal majority,
no god or man can stop the rain when it's falling,
welcome to how life should have been,
because now your "holy" false will make no difference.


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